About Us

Don’t Blink is an eight-episode television series designed to be an inspiring and entertaining show that gets people fired up to chase their dreams right here in Wisconsin. The series, that will be filmed over the summer of 2017, will follow four friends as they travel around Wisconsin and Upper Michigan chasing fourteen of their most exciting Bucket List items.

The series has received widespread interest being featured in several newspapers and blogs. Wisconsin Public Television and WNMU Public TV 13 have written letters of support stating their interest in broadcasting the series. Milwaukee Public Television has expressed an interest in the series and the Don’t Blink team is also exploring other outlets for broadcast ranging from local to national networks to online broadcast options.

Gregory, Kevin, Owen, & Nick decided to create their bucket list after Gregory lost his Mom to cancer at the age of 51. Sitting in Gregory’s basement in Brookfield, WI they wrote down a list of everything they ever dreamed of doing in life. No idea was too far fetch or ridiculous for the list. When all was said and done, it contained 273 items of their wildest dreams and deepest ambitions.

After nearly 2 and a half years at it, Gregory, Kevin, Owen, and Nick, with a camera crew behind them, have set out to tackle 14 of their biggest Wisconsin dreams.